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[ Wednesday, October 04, 2006 ]

Test-tube Baby (from the Hormone Hell OST)
Starbuck [20:35] Comments: 2 []
aah ha ha ha ha!
Eeeh he he he hee!

Give me some more chemicals
Some blood, but please don't squirm
Give me a dime
and a lot of time
And just a smidgeon of sperm
Give me all your cash and then
Just perhaps and maybe
I'll mix up in a couple of weeks
Your very own
Test-tube baby!

Test-tube baby
She's growing up in all the right places
Test-tube babies
Wearing my concoctions [leers suggestively] all over their faces.
Lyrics: Princess Valium
Music: Princess Valium, Commander Aardvark, Starbuck Powersurge, Durm Chamine, Older Broady, Older Broady's Mate

Hormone Hell's rocking piece of opening music Test Tube Baby also provides the attentive viewer with some valuable clues, helping to reveal details of the sordid backstory behind Arthur Lymphatic's age-defeating make-up.

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