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[ Friday, September 29, 2006 ]

RakaStaka Mad!
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A couple of years ago I became slightly obsessed about one of the inventions pitched on Dragons' Den - the Racker Stacker.

By day Stefano Matheou was a seemingly ordinary taxi driver, but by night he became Rackerstacker Man, intent on solving the world's beer and wine bottle stacking problems.

By moulding a simple strip of plastic, Rackerstacker Man can "defy gravity with the world's premier bottle stacking system for your refrigerator"

Agreed by the Dragons to be a brilliant idea, Rackerstacker Man refused their offer of investment, hoping to make it big on his own.

I've been getting on with my life since this televisual experience, but occasionally can't stop myself breaking into song, singing "He's the RackerStacker Man, the Rackerstacker Man, he stacks everything a Rackerstacker can". Much to my wife's amusement.

I couldn't fine anything on the internet about the Racker Stacker at the time, and even rather desperately blogged it onto my Christmas wishlist last year.


Last night, much to my joy, Rackerstacker Man was on the Where Are They Now? edition of DD (the general answer: "Nowhere much"), and I finally realised - I'd only gorn and been misspelling Racker Stacker all this time! It's a bleedin' RakaStaka (or if you prefer, a Raka Staka)!

And RakaStakaMan has a website, where you can buy your very own RakaStaka!!!

Get one here: - the ultimate Christmas gift!

Now here's hoping it works on beer cans...

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