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[ Sunday, December 28, 2003 ]

And on the seventh day He rested
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Hello chums, Starbuck here, with a brief post-christmas entry. (I wish fewer of my "entries" were "brief". Ahem. I obviously didn't receive a sense of humour for Christmas.)

After 7 days of heightened emotional tomfoolery, it feels nice to be taking it easy today. As Craig David would no doubt put it,

"Birthday jubilations on Monday
Taken for a Chinese on Tuesday,
Varsity piss-up on Wednesday,
And on Thursday & Friday & Saturday too much of everything"

It was quite a different Christmas from our usual. We are a very close family, and one of us is very ill - something my family kept from me so as not to spoil my night out on Tuesday, bless them. But this blog isn't the place to reflect on all of this right now. I've got havens within myself for efficiently processing emotional oscillations, however tortuous or balmy the troughs and the peaks. All in all, I feel we still managed to make it a very special time. And should Britain be hit by a famine, or should I foolhardedly get myself into a David-Blaine-In-A-Box situation, I've converted enough food and drink into blubber to last me a good few months.

So its been very nice this morning, back in our own home, taking it very easy indeed. Lieing in bed, staring up through the skylight, drifting into the crisp blue sky, intricate shards of AFX washing over the pebbles of my brain (Aphex Twin - "26 Mixes For Cash" in the Walkman - vive la Braindance!)

Peace out...

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