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[ Sunday, January 11, 2004 ]

Starbuck's Atomic Sitcom Dustbin
Starbuck [13:13] Comments: 0 []
Well, I can't pick too many faults with the top 50 results of the Best British Sitcom survey (on the Beeb last night). Apart from Two Point Four Children or Birds Of A Feather, which can only have got in by block-voting by their writers. Shame about the lack of Citizen Smith too. Whilst I'm being overly critical, twas also a pity some of the good stuff was way down below some of the shiter examples of the sit-com art. And despite my best efforts, there was no sign of Chucklevision in the list.

I must admit that, at first, I was a bit disappointed at the end. I was looking forward to seeing the whole top 50 last night, not realising the Beeb would be eeking it out over the next few months with showcases of each of the Top 10 entries. Still, it gives sad-cases like me (and you!) a further chance to VOTE for their favourite, as well as to dwell in several more weeks of classic sitcom deconstruction...

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