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[ Thursday, January 08, 2004 ]

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I've not had much free time to satiate my internexual desires of late, but I have been playing a fair bit of Andy Noble's superb PC remake of ZX Spectrum classic Lunar Jetman whenever I've got the chance (available for free download from Retrospec - newsters should check the Readme for the controls). A great bit of "arcade action", as they'd have naively put it back in the Speccy days...

Its a funny feeling when you've come back to a game after 20-odd years. It plays the same, of course. But back then I couldn't coordinate the control of 7 buttons at the same time quite as well as I can today. It was either the Spectrum's horrible rubber keyboard, or the fact that I hadn't yet irreversibly melded my very nervous system to the output of the visual display unit to the degree. Who says games are bad for you? No more frantic fumblings on the rubber for me...

Maybe its just nostalgia. Maybe people new to it would feel nothing for it. But Ultimate Play The Game (the trading name of Ashby Computer Graphics, later to be reborn as the company Rare that we know today) certainly conjured some atmospheric and enjoyable experiences out of the limited technological confines of the Spectrum. And I'd like to thank them for their part in forging me into the man I am. Thank you. For dressing me like Sabreman.

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