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[ Tuesday, January 06, 2004 ]

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Hello. I thought that I would tentatively stick my head out over the parapet to alert you to this article about IMAX in the Grauniad. Oh dear that doesn't look good does it?

It also made me self-indulgently think about what i've seen at the IMAX. The first thing I saw, I think, is Gladiator but importantly it was NOT full-IMAX size (although it had the sound). Next was Santa vs the Snowman, whcih was great, and then obviously Reloaded. Which backs up the point made in the article that no one wants to see educational arse biscuits no matter how large it is. All those films remind of those dreadful natural history programs that used to be on that you were fooled into thinking would be good because they were made by Disney.

Which brings me on to another IMAX-related point. I have had the oppurtunity, and turned down the oppurtunity, to see Revolutions at the IMAX. It just doesn't interest me. Although i still might force myself. But that just shows how disappointed I am with the franchise.

I saw Spirited Away instead and it is a bloody marvel. Nightmareish and spectacular and like nothing you've ever seen (unless you've grown up on Manga, probably, which I haven't). And it's a family film as they should be - engaging for the adults, fun for the children, and scary for both, at times. Don't get me wrong, it ain't a horror flick but K found it a bit disturbing in places. Spirited Away - you will quite literally be spirited away! ((C) Stuart Richards; quote available for use subject to negotiation of suitable fee)

Speaking of franchises (which i did the paragraph before last) - Battlestar Gallactica will be released on DVD in January! And the rumour is that Star Wars may come out in September (much salivating)!!!!

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