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[ Thursday, July 21, 2005 ]

Be angry but be clear
Starbuck [18:55] Comments: 0 []
Anger is only to be expected after today's second series of terrorist bombings in London.

Be angry, but don't let it blind you.

Be angry at the bastards that did this, but also be angry at our political leaders, those who flagrantly lied to us for their own ends, those who have got away with their unashamed deceipts, whose policy inflames the susceptible.

"You're just appeasing the terrorists" some people would say, blinded by their own anger, or by the shamefully negligent media who have let Blair off the hook.

I'm no appeaser, I'm just seeing clearly. I may be feeling anger in a lot of different directions right now, but my vision isn't clouded by red mist.

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