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[ Sunday, September 11, 2005 ]

Young Ones
Starbuck [18:44] Comments: 6 []
Some strange moments involving the extended family this lunchtime.

First of all my 7 year old nephew was wearing his Vyvyan Bastard "very metal" jacket... he knows more about The Young Ones, than I do, including stuff that had the rest of us stumped (e.g. the name of Alexei Sayle's character - Jerzei Balowski), and endless verbatim quotes ("My knickers are so old, it's only the stubborn understains that are holding them together.")

I got quite a sore throat from all the requisite Vyv impressions.

And then my 2-year old niece started singing - and I kid you not - "Welcome To The House Of Fun" by Madness. And she seemed to know most of the lyrics. Through watching their Young Ones performance in the Kebab & Calculator (in real-life, fact-fans, the Cock O' The North in Bristol, and home - at least when I popped in there some years back - to an East3nders fruit machine and not much else of worth.)

Still, Cliff knew that the best time to to sing is while you?re young...

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Comment by Blogger 3rd daughter, at September 11, 2005 10:01 pm  :

what cool kids - i've been known to have a mild obsession with the young ones. the nephew needs some nice metal studs to add to that jacket :)

Comment by Blogger Starbuck, at September 13, 2005 6:11 pm  :

I was going to post the piccie of my forehead with Vyv-style (fake) studs, but, erm, I forgot, and there's been no time to rectify. Humph.

But, yeah, cool kids. Apart from when the nephew was pretending to be Mike. Not cool.

Comment by Blogger 3rd daughter, at September 13, 2005 9:49 pm  :

you are tagged. tell us 10 things that make you happy.

please, please, please post your 'stud' picture!!

Comment by Blogger Starbuck, at September 14, 2005 4:23 pm  :

I've got the lurgey... I'll try to drag up my 10 happiness-instigators, Susan. And I may well post up the "studs" when I get a chance, too.

Keep 'em peeled. Might be a few days, mind...

Comment by Anonymous Vex, at September 15, 2005 1:55 pm  :


1. beer
2. music
3. the pub (of course)
4. games
5. The missus(should be number 1 Starbuck!)
6. concerts
7. cup of tea
8. europe
9. friends
10. who is Mr.Cai Gada?

Am I right?


Comment by Blogger Starbuck, at September 15, 2005 6:06 pm  :

Gah, hijacked!

You're pretty much spot-on, Vex (you know me scarily well, but yeah, Five should be One). But I'll still be loading my own happies into the list-gun when I get the chance....

And as for Number 10, I'm loving your writing... and the mystery of you / Cai has got my investigative juices flowing... I think one thing, then another, then another... but I'm onto you. Not some figment of my imagination. And not some ultra-clever marketting ploy.

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