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[ Sunday, August 03, 2003 ]

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I'm back!                  

Finally, I am reacquainted with my computer after a week or so's hiatus, having today completed the short journey down the M40 from Warwickshire. Back in my London home (or what will be my home for less than two weeks now.)

And my, what a lot's been going on in the meantime around these blogabouts. I'd like to use this opportunity to publically thank my guest editors Stu and DJ Tim for the endless stream of bollox that they've been spewing out. I think that Tam pretty accurately described the situation as "two entertaining nutters" having been left in my absence... You are now hereby promoted from guest-editors to sub-editors, to opine as you please (with the emphasis on sub, y'hear?) Although your views are usually not the views of The One Like Starbuck (examples: Tim's opinions on Peter Jackson's pre-LOTR films, or Cameron from Big Brother - get with it it Tim, Jon roolz in a sad pathetic kind of way, Cam is evil. Also, anything that Stu writes. Although I did like Themanwhofellasleep, thanks Stu. Even though the similarity of the name to The Man Who Couldn't Stop reminded me that you still have my copy of Chester Brown's Ed The Happy Clown -classic icky graphic novel from the pages of Yummy Fur comic. Currently not in stock.You git.)

Anyway, its good to be back on this internet thingey again, although I'm not going to deplete the rest of the evening's spare time on it. Especially since David Attenborough's aggravating sharks with some robo-shark monstrosity on the telly at the mo' - fantastic - natural history violence with added provocation!

And its good to be off the motorway. It's way too hot to be sitting in traffic jams right now. Although there was a modicum of enjoyment to be gleaned from the experience. Starbuck's likes and dislikes about sitting on the M40 on a Sunday afternoon:
Plus-point 1: Gazing up through the sunroof at the gliders circling in the sky overhead around junctions 4 and 8, rather than concentrating solely on the deadly-serious job of driving a hunk of metal at great speeds. Whoops.
Plus-point 2: Oxford Welcome Break. KFC, BK, fountains, **and** a shop which seems intent on flogging hundreds of "Managers Special" woolly jumpers on one of the hottest days of the year. Classy.
Plus-point 3: I've done the journey most weeks for the last year, and my car's become like KITT from Knight Rider - total autopilot, but without the posh voice done by that bloke from Boy Meets World (or something), and no turbo-boost or logic-defying remote cameras
Plus-point 4: The scenery, heading southbound, as the motorway cuts through north-face of the Chiltern Hills, and the expansive bowl of the verdant green landscape opens up in front of you (OK, so I didn't get that today, apart from a tiny bit in my rear-view mirror, but my imagination filled it in.)
Plus-point 5: I managed to listen to the Matrix Reloaded soundrack (CD 2) three times straight-over. Which further got my imagination going. Plenty of burly brawling going on in the driver's seat! It got me thinking, though. In the places in the film's score where classical "operatic" chants are used for cinematic effect, what, if anything, are the voices saying when translated from Latin (or whatever) in to English? Or, if I listen more carefully, will it be a little more straightforward, as it was in Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back (the Latin-style chant, when Jay thinks that Justice has been blown up, being "Justice is dead... or so Jay thinks." Heh!)
Minus-point 1: The heat! (Someone once told me that, to stop your car radiator from overheating in hot weather, you should keep your car heater on "hot" rather than "cold". So I end up getting casseroled in the midst of summer as a result. No-one else should follow this advice.)
Minus-point 2: I didn't feel compelled to buy the bargain-priced Managers Special woolly jumper as a result. And they were so stylish!

And today's driving highlight - a rare kerbside spotting of a Famous Person - Jim'll Saville on South Lambeth Road, dressed in trademark bad tracksuit, looking like he's being kept alive by god-knows what drugs or sorcery as he jangled past.

But enough blogdruff. I need food. And wine. So I'll leave this Blogenstein's Monster alone for now, and will get back to it at another time, with all the important stuff that desperately needs pushing into the public domain. Like what my holiday was like.

See ya wouldn't wanna be ya! (Jeez. Need another break.)

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