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[ Sunday, December 28, 2003 ]

Office Space
Starbuck [11:53] Comments: 0 []
After two classic series of the so-painful-it-hurts spoof documentary, Ricky Jervais and Stephen Merchant brought The Office to a close last night in the second of two Christmas specials.

Those who saw it won't need me to bang on about it. And those who didn't see it but wished that they had won't want me to bang on about it before they've seen it themselves. Those who know the series but don't like it are perhaps a little too dim to be reading this website (Yes, you! Get back to that Last Of The Summer Wine website. (Confession: I shouldn't diss LotSW fans - I've got a guilty liking of the Clegg-meister and Co myself)) And those who've never heard of The Office won't be interested anyway.

BUT ANYWAY, as I swiftly insert a small SPOILER ALERT into the text for those of the second disposition...

... it was good to see David Brent finally finding what his life has been missing all these years, despicable as the man has been. And it was heartening to see him giving a soundbite to the camera that was actually as full of insight and wisdom as he himself thought it was. And as for Tim and Dawn... I'm not ashamed to admit that I had a little cry. Without shedding any proper tears, of course. I'm no soft lad! (Note: falsehood.)

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