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[ Saturday, January 03, 2004 ]

I don't think we're in Cannock Chase anymore...
Starbuck [16:15] Comments: 0 []
Grrr... I bleedin' well hate computers at times.

After several years my PC had reached a fairly Zen-like state of calm and stability - no more stroppy crashing fits, no more Blue-Screens-Of-Death, no more freezing.

But, to paraphrase the wise words of Vic Reeves, "I wouldn't let it lie". And to paraphrase the equally wise words of Bob Mortimer, "No I wouldn't let it lie."

So I decided to update my NVidia TNT2 Model 64 graphics card drivers to v45.23 from the DVD of a PC magazine, in the misguided attempt at brightening the fairly dim output that I get when watching DVD's or playing Quake 3 Team Arena. (Not sure how I made that original leap of logic, but there you go.)

Now, if I'm not being ground down by "msgsrv32 caused an error in user.exe" error messages, then dibeng.dll takes its place to frack with my mind.... And EVERY time I set sail in the good-ship Internet, the things freezes over, just for 10 seconds or so, a few minutes after embarking... as the joke about the man who visits the doctors with a steering wheel down his trousers goes, its driving me nuts! (Thank you to my 5-year-old nephew for that)

Anyway, tonight I'm off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Brum. I might heckle him, see if he can give me some technical advice. "DOWNLOAD VERSION 53.04", he will no doubt boom...

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