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[ Wednesday, December 31, 2003 ]

A tribute to my Grandad
Starbuck [19:50] []
As regular readers will know, I don't tend to use this page as an outlet for my emotions; however, I feel duty-bound to write something just now.

My grandad died today.

Frank Powersurge was a brilliant man - the most brilliant man I have known - and he will be immensely missed by many people. By his wife Edna, by the rest of our family, by everyone who's known him. By me.

I will miss his humanity, his humour, his ceaseless optimism. He was so very down-to-earth, so unpretentious, so proud. He has always been such an inspiration to me as a person.

He has always been there for me - whenever I've had my own troubles, troubles that I've hidden from all around me, he was the one who could see through my facade, he was the one to offer the reassurance that I could go to him any time that I needed to in confidence. Even though I never needed to do this, the support this provided was essential in getting me through the tougher times.

Sitting here now, I am remembering many things. I am remembering his enthusiasm for life. His stories that he would tell when I was a child ("It was a dark and stormy night..."). His "ballroom-dancing" to rubbishy modern pop records with my Nan and my cousins at our Christmas parties, and his attempts at air-guitar with an antique bronze bed-pan. His stories about being asked for a request by Hospital Radio, woozy from some hospital drug or other - and the embarrasment when the drugs had worn off, and "How Much Is That Doggy In The Window" started blasting out, attributed to him...

His stories about the Second World War. Defending Coventry from the Nazis with my Uncle Doug, who also sadly passed away this year. How he met my wonderful Nan; the pain of having to say goodbye to her whenever he had to return to the army, and the troubles he got himself into when he "extended" his leave to be with her. The time he spent in Germany during the War, and the friendships that have lasted to this day - people from the country that his own was at war with, people who had helped him whilst in their own land, their mutual respect and understanding.

I am remembering the holidays spent with him all throughout my lifetime. I am remembering the sheer lust for life, which allowed him and my Nan to continue to drive independently around Europe for months at a time, all the way up until this very summer.

I am remembering how much in love him and my Nan were - how they were still in love like a couple of teenagers. How much he loved his family. And it is for my Nan and our family that I mourn, because they will miss my Grandad like they have missed nothing else in their lives before. I know that I will.

My Grandad has always said to me - "It just doesn't matter what's going on in your life, as long as you are happy." I have in recent years tried to live by these principles, and will continue to do so. The world is a worse place for his passing, but I will strive my best for his legacy to live on, in optimism, in joy, in life.

And this is what I will remember. A man who gave joy by being who he was, and who cared for others selflessly.

Rest in peace, Grandad.

Now, going by his maxim, please go and enjoy the rest of the site. I hear that the links are very tasty this time of year.
And I promise some very nourishing web-based morsels for the New Year...

I wish you all well.

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