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[ Saturday, January 03, 2004 ]

Panting goldmine
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The Birmingham Rep's production of the Wizard Of Oz was rather good, in a singy-songy kind of way. And educational too - somehow I'd not absorbed the fact that "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" was a component of the aforementioned musical. Now the damn thing's stuck on my internal jukebox...

Best bit - The Wizard, whilst hiding off-stage & speaking through his megaphone to "big himself up", sounding just like Mr Garrison from South Park.

Worst bit - the flying monkey. Terrifying.

No famous people in this not-strictly-a-pantomine-style pantomine. Not like one of these "glitzy" (read: tacky but oh-so-good) modern productions. But it has led me on to ponder my Top Ten Celebrities Wot I've Seen In Pantomine:
1 - Bob Carolgees and Spit the Dog - the Master
2 - Gus from Drop The Dead Donkey - terrifying
3 - Matthew Kelly - dual-role (ac/dc?) Peter Pan professional
4 - The Chuckle Brothers - chu chuckle
5 - Frank Bruno - hurr hurr hurr
6 - Little & Large - cringeworthy
7 - The White Power Ranger - why oh why?
8 - Wayne Sleep - although I've since discovered it wasn't him, but was in fact...
9 - ... Robin Cousins - there solely to figure-skate for 2 minutes at the end
10 - Don McClean - "Nightie Nightie", "Pyjama pyjama", how I laughed.

Just outside of the top 10 - Rod Hull (whilst alive), Emu & Grotbags. I brought my own emu along to that one. Also, Vicky Michelle from 'Allo 'Allo. Legs like tree-trunks.

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