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[ Wednesday, December 31, 2003 ]

Starbuck [12:42] Comments: 0 []
Before my computer just crashed, I'd got an incredibly-boring essay planned for you lucky reader(s). Over the last week or so, the Google search results for Viper Squad Ten have not been offering up a cache of the page, even though an old cache from mid-December could be revealed by typing cache:, recorded when Google had performed the previous deep-crawl. I've not had the freshbot around for a bit, and I figured that something must've gone wrong for my site when it was scanned last; that, or one of Google's data-centres must've been knocked out. I was going to investigate further for you, my lovely oh-so-interested readers, on the Google newsgroups, as well as within the hallowed walls of the Google Forum, where those from the house of Webmaster World worship. Incidentally, did you know that "thesaurus" means "treasure house" in Latin? I didn't, until now - thank you Lord Google, for enriching my knowledge.
But I digress. I was going to search all the different data-centres using the Google Dancetool to try to get to the bottom of it. I was going to hack my blog template to pieces in case I was being penalised by Google for unknowingly doing something untoward. I was going to ramble on about GRI Technologies' Poodle Predictor, which you can use to view any website (and its linked pages) through the eyes of a search-engine spider.

And then... crash... the machine freezes, I reboot, and slip away to my blog via Google... what's that listed there... cache?

So thankfully for your sake, dear reader, I won't have to subject you to a long and boring essay about it. Oh, wait a minute....

Sorry chums.

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