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[ Thursday, February 10, 2005 ]

Malcolm Hardee RIP
Starbuck [19:58] Comments: 0 []
I was saddened to hear over breakfast this morning, whilst reading through a week-old newspaper that blew into my cardboard box, that the comedian Malcolm Hardee has passed away. Or under, as was the case. Anyone who's unfamiliar with Mr Hardee can read his biography on

Malcolm been invisibly shaping my personality in all the wrong ways since childhood. As a youngster I was "lucky" enough to see his "balloon dance" on OTT, and it haunts my dreams to this very day. And many a fellow Glastonbury casualty will have experienced Mr Hardee's "best" assets in the comedy tent. Aaagh, grimey flashback incoming... still, respect to the man for coping with the crowd from hell.

He may not have been the funniest comic alive. But he was certainly one of the Hardiest (do you see what I've done there?). Next up: Frank Sidebottom.

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