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[ Tuesday, August 08, 2006 ]

Reasons why I'm an idiot... one, two, three
Starbuck [17:38] Comments: 0 []
  • Up until recently I've always been wary of those "cloth roller towel" hand dryers. You know, the manually-operated ones where you pull a dry bit of the looped toweling down and then damp bit (in theory) gets drawn back up into the machine.

    I always thought that the dirty bit of towel would eventually come back round to the bit where you pull the cloth down to dry your hands. Which of course it doesn't. That would be ridiculous.

  • I've got an nk402 phone with only enough SMS slots to store 10 text messages, and as such I'm always running out of space. Why then do I tend to save messages in my Outbox for years on end, thus using up valuable memory and hence quickly preventing me from receiving new messages?

    In there at the moment I still have:
    "GET ANT&CLEO TIX" from five months back
    And for a full year... "Not seeing irony of watching Lost In Translation in Bangkok unable 2 sleep. Lieing by skyscraper pool watching birds swoop around towertops. Also Cabin Fever."

    What an utter clot!

  • Having mentally drafted this list of stupidity over my lunchtime, I can'tt now remember what my third reason for being an idiot. BERK!

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