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[ Monday, August 04, 2003 ]

Starbuck [13:02] Comments: 0 []
Now that I'm back in the UK, and mulling over my week in the paradise of the Dordogne, here are my Top 10 Best Bits About France (in no particular order):
1 - The Food.
2 - The Wine.
3 - The French (contrary to popular non-French opinion).
4 - The lovely old (dare I say it) quaint towns.
5 - The language.
6 - The rolling arable farmland countrysides.
7 - The sense of unchanging tradition and history that permeates the place.
8 - My mate Christiane.
9 - The fact that Laughing Cow cheese is called La Vache Qui Rit
10 - The Merovingian.

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