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[ Tuesday, December 30, 2003 ]

#Through the Panavision sunset of my heart#
Starbuck [12:48] Comments: 0 []
I'm glowing. Not like a woman "glows" (i.e. sweating buckets). Instead, I'm enjoying the afterglow of a night of beautifully visual dreams, influenced by the LotR series, with bonus scenery and lighting effects coming from Cast Away (on the telly last night, and a lot more enjoyable than I was expecting. Though Hanks didn't suffer nearly enough.)

Thinking of Return of the King, THAT battle at Pelennor Fields - I can't get it out of my tiny mind. Stunning. It's got to be the modern-day equivalent of the battle against the AT-AT's on the ice planet of Hoth in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back...

But back to my dreams (safe in the knowledge that my girlfriend suffer from the habit of reading this thing). I've been having a hell of a lot of dreams of late about getting married (last night in a Middle Earth environment). Maybe they're trying to tell me something...

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