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[ Wednesday, December 31, 2003 ]

I'm your caring sharing Blog Donkey
Starbuck [10:55] Comments: 0 []
Sometimes I worry about the mindsets of my friends.

Whilst sifting through some of the old text messages on my mobile in order to free up some room (I have an ancient Nokia nk402 with a mere 10 SMS slots, y'see), two messages shook me to my very core. (Note: exaggeration)

One from Yaz (our old manager from the Dieticians Featuring Fat days) called me an "old saggy scrotummed gimmer" (sic?). That's an image that you don't want your friends to be visualising.

There was also the following SMS from Sub-Ed Stu - "Bless you my lovely blog donkey of lust". BLOG DONKEY OF LUST? Well I never... Who would've thought my dear Sub-editor felt so passionately about his tyrannical Blog Overlord.

I'm a little scared!

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