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[ Monday, December 29, 2003 ]

Lord Up!
Starbuck [20:15] Comments: 0 []
I finally saw The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King today, and it was so good it merits a lack of abbreviation whatsoever of its overly-long title.

It adrenalised me so much, it got the blood vessels in my neck throbbing - something that's only started to happen over the last few years whilst movie-watching (and then only the two or three times - it's a feeling not disimilar to some of the early symptoms of heatstroke), and something I hope is due to the extraordinarily amazing audio-visual extravaganzas we are now occasionally treated to, as opposed to the onset of any medical complaint that I am as yet unaware of.

Pure cinematic bliss.

I must disagree with DJ Tim's early prognosis (of the film, not my neck) - in my humble opinion, it beat the other two (also brilliant) prequels hands down. Truly wonderful - that's all I need to say.

But then, anyone who's gonna be watching it will be watching it anyway, so who cares what I think - I'll just shuddupamy face (and not just because Eastenders is on the box in the other room, and I'd rather like to be catching up on that right now.)

One thing, though. I didn't spot the Peter Jackson cameo in this one (with or without red cod-piece). Come to think of it, I didn't see it in The Two Towers either. But I did see one of the aliens from the director's classic Bad Taste appearing as the Orc General Gothmog...

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