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[ Thursday, February 10, 2005 ]

Clutterbuck Computer Clutter Challenge Rounds 8 and 9
Starbuck [23:10] Comments: 0 []
# I've created a monster, nobody wants to see Starbucks no more, they want their own PC on VSX... #

Or something.

I never thought that the Clutterbuck Cup would have got to a stage depicting death by screwdriver. Hell, I never thought the Clutterbuck Cup would reach a second round - my own starter-for-ten invitation was really a bit of a throwaway remark - note the small-size font! But since then, I've been overwhelmed and overjoyed by the response, and my nosiness glands have been well milked.

And the milking continues, with the desk armchair belonging to Gary (of The Final Broadcast fame). The Lord of TFB Towers states: "Here is my photographic evidence that I should NOT win the Clutterbuck Cup. In fact, it is also the evidence that should win me the NonClutterbuck Cup." Quite so. But at least you're cluttering up your work area with a diary and pen. One question - have you broken into the Big Brother house?

At the opposite end of the clutteredness spectrum (the cluttrum) lies Billy, author of I Could Have Been A Contender (or Billyworld to save on five precious syllables).

In Billy's words, "obviously I have no chance of winning - mainly 'cos have no idea what an iron looks like and so couldn't possibly get one to place on
my computer desk :^)...however, the luvverly carolyn is convinced that the area under the stairs is a mess - and as that is where my computer lives I thought I'd give it a go..."

And what a fantastic entry (.... MUST.... RESIST... INNUENDO....). It has everything. Post-it-notes. Numerous Spiderman, Simpsons, R2D2, Hulks, Zebberdee and Teletubbies. Pez. CDs. Messy noticeboard. Books and boxes akimbo. A Pritt Stick. A real spaghetti junction of wires. What looks like one of those penis-enlarger pumps. And a pint of bitter. Sigh! I could stare at it for hours - the more you look into it the more treasures you unearth.

Well done, Mr Kay. You should really be more ashamed that most - its wonderful!

And although the jury is still out until the trickle of jpegs has finally dried up, your computer's sub-staircase location has certainly earned you a few Crampedness Points from someone in the same location...

Ladies and gentlemen, the Original, and like Chesney Hawkes, the One and Only, over on the right, its Starbuck's PC!

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In the unlikely event that there is anyone remaining out there who wants to get their cluttered computer workspace off their mind and onto the net, you could try gmailing me at Starbuck.Powersurge...

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