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[ Friday, September 30, 2005 ]

Results of the Clutterbuck Computer Challenge Cup
Starbuck [23:53] Comments: 2 []
Finally. FINALLY! After almost a year, I have the results for the Clutterbuck Computer Clutter Cup. And they're not pretty.

It all started in January, when the disgraceful state of my home computer workstation was revealed...

From that point on, I received an unexpected response from some of the most muckiest of pups to have ever disgraced the blog firmament.

After much internal debate and conflict I've decided upon the eventual victor, well-deserving of the magnificent trophy on offer.

But before I reveal all, may I run you through the plucky runners-up. In some sort of date order... cue tension-building drum roll...

Name: Astolath

Off of: CyberSatan

VSX verdict: HERE

Name: Saturnyne

Off of: The Saturnyne's Lounge

VSX verdict: HERE

Name: Rob

Off of: Nice Guy UK

VSX verdict: HERE

Name: Susan

Off of: Third Daughter

VSX verdict: HERE

Name: Ron Lyre

Off of: The Stratford Upon Avon Strumpet

VSX verdict: HERE

Name: Gary

Off of: The Final Broadcast

VSX verdict: HERE

Name: Billy

Off of: I Could've Been A Contender

VSX verdict: HERE

Name: Andrew Clutterbuck

Off of: ClutterBlog

VSX verdict: HERE

All of these people will be sent prizes. I admit not very good prizes considering their individual valiant efforts towards chaos, but prizes all the same. Hopefully they won't take as long to reach them as the results did.

By now you'll be dieing to know the identity of the victor. Which is sadly apt. For I can now reveal that the winner of the Clutterbuck Computer Clutter Challenge Cup (who unknowingly named the competition within his submission's covering note) is...

Lawn Greengrass.

Lawn has sadly passed away since his entry into the Clutterbuck competition, no doubt drained of his energies following his prize-worthy dedication to detritus, but I'm sure that as he drew his final breath he felt proud of the values that we are celebrating today.

And since he is no longer of this world, I'm afraid that the Clutterbuck Cup will not be awarded this year. A heartless judge would deem that Billy probably deserves to claim the prize following Lawn's untimely demise, however I've already got the blinking thing engraved. Maybe next year your own name will still deserve to lie beneath that of Mr Greengrass...

I tell thee, mine own certainly won't.

For the personal computer of Starbuck Powersurge is no longer an abomination towards feng shui...

2 Comment(s):

Comment by Blogger Ron Lyre, at October 02, 2005 12:28 am  :

What can I say? I know I speak for dear departed Lawn when I say how proud he would have been to be named as winner in your wonderful competition and receive the £10 postal order. Can I say that you can rely on me to spend the £25 pound prize money in a manner that my good friend would approve of and although £40 is not a lot to play with I'm sure it will stretch to putting a fresh bunch of flowers on Lawn's until now neglected grave. Bless you my son.

Comment by Blogger Starbuck, at October 04, 2005 11:25 am  :

Thank you Ron. Although your own submission (a murder victim?) left a lot to be desired....

It was a tough decision to make (© Colonel Abrahams), and maybe I was a victim myself (to emotion) when the decision had to be made.

But choosing a deceased meant that I didn't have to single out one of the living...

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